tips to making smaller spaces look bigger

Many people live in some form of small space, be it a small home or small room. There are many reasons behind their motivation – some out of choice; others not so much. Actually, the former type has become quite the trend last couple of years, even spawning a buzzword in the process – micro-housing. With Drake’s 7 Dees – Portland’s best gardening center you can design your dream landscape.

Irrespective of your reasons for residing in a small space, there are simple creative ways to make it feel roomier and functional.

Creatively Use Spaces

Finding multiple purposes for spaces in your home is one of the keys to efficient living. That in mind, if you are to fully squeeze the practicality out of any given room, you need to figure out a way to make each section usable for more than one activity. If you have the budget, you can add another house floor with the help of ADU Floor Plans team.

For example, one space can be used as an office during the day and transform it into a dining area when company does come calling. Similarly, two end tables can be transformed into a dining room table when guests come over. So can a daybed be used as a sofa during the day, before well, you know, unravel it for the night and this can also work in an outdoor space, contact the Paving Dublin | Get Your Driveways Done Today to take care of all the exterior. Having the best landscaping company is a must, this will also insure you to have an amazing outdoor, the Lawngonewild professionals can make sure you have the best landscape in your town. Contact the professionals to have the right type of equipment like these Tree Spades for Sale if you end up needing to get rid of any trees. In addition, make sure that the garage door is in full working order. If not, you may contact a garage door maintenance service in your area for professional repairs and maintenance.

Accessorize Strategically

Some people tend to think that bare walls and lack of accessories in the house only make it bigger. In truth though, this only makes it bare.

The thing with accessories is that they help set the mood, particularly when we are talking mirrors and pictures on the walls. Try keeping each accessory in scale, and don’t limit yourself from using bigger objects sparingly, and even more so when you’re trying to establish a focal point – a key component of embellishing a small space.

The thing about focal points is that they create drama in the spaces, consequently, making your interior feel bigger.

Experiment with Color

When it comes to small spaces, many people tend to shy away from color. And understandably so. When done the wrong way, it can really backfire.

However, color doesn’t have to be your enemy. It can give your home a more spacious feel if used well.

For example, you can use a neutral palette with certain brighter focal points. It doesn’t have to be the same throughout. Neutral colors can come in handy for areas earmarked for calm and rest, while vibrant colors could look good in work and social areas like your garden with bright colors with the help of the gardening services dublin has to offer.

Let the Light Stream In

Adequate natural light makes a home feel bigger than it really is. The same rings true when you have a setup that allows you to catch a beautiful view from the couch or the kitchen – some trees, or a lake, for example.

This is because these naturals break down the physical barrier by bringing the outside into the home.

Considering these are not a certain guarantee everywhere, a good substitution for this is to make use of lamps and light fixtures to accentuate the appearance of more space and add interest. The upside is that this is an affordable way to bring ‘big’ into a space.


You don’t need telling that clutter is an enemy of precious space. You may need Go Here to find a system to organize your stuff without getting in the way of things; a system that stashes things away when they are not in use. Bulky Waste waste disposal dublin company eliminates the burden by offering quick and efficient house clearance and waste disposal.

The key here is to remind yourself that however much we may want to keep memories, there is only room for so much. After all, holding onto things from a previous life only gets in the way of progress, right?

Last Word

These are all nice, affordable ways to get the most out of your space. But something you need to remember is that in the quest for a more spacious space, you need not lose your soul in the process. The right way to do this is to have your style and personality shine through.

Sprinkling some unique touches on the décor can result in a home you love retreating to, the size notwithstanding. If you want to give it a complete and deep clean, we recommend you to check the new pest removing cleaning service

Have fun!

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