As the year draws to a close, we can’t help but reflect on the 2016 home design trends that made the most buzz.

Most categories in 2016 broadly witnessed a modern, streamlined look, borrowing vintage décor and traditional accents to generate this mix-matched vibe. Almost every room, in general, saw a selection of neutral color schemes, with most interior designers worth their penny opting for organic materials, including reclaimed wood and brick.

And as we enter 2017 and you embark on a search for home improvements that boost the value of your property or just for you and your family to enjoy, a few pointers you need to keep in mind.

Kitchen Home Design Trends

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and we cannot overemphasize the need to pay extra attention to its interior design.

Kitchen remodeling can down quite a significant chunk – although it tends to have a great ROI. But you don’t need to blow your budget in the name of upgrading some aspects of the room and being au fait.

Something as simple as purchasing a few quality accent pieces can do the trick; so would slapping the aging walls with a fresh coat of paint. And if you are wondering what color to go with, grey (think stainless steel) is staking its claim as the new white (plus it’s easier to keep clean). All in all, a neutral palette looks great in the kitchen – but if you want to give it some extra character, consider a pop of color.

Clean lines and updated appliances like the ones from Euronics scream luxury, a popular 2016 trend that should continue to gather steam. What’s more, instead of stashing away the clutter, display it in an organized way.

Overall though, you can never go wrong so long as you make changes that align with the theme of the rest of your home. If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve the look of your kitchen, be sure to check out these affordable and high-quality kitchen renovations Edmonton Alberta has to offer.

Bathroom Home Design Trends

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of time people spend in the bathroom. This is why giving this room a facelift is a must in 2017 if you’ve been thinking remodeling. Largely, they are the smallest rooms in a home, but this doesn’t mean they should be overlooked.

As with the kitchen, a total bathroom reno is typically a huge investment though, but totally worth it if you plan to sell.

There is a lot you can do to transform that small space into a little luxury spa.

You could go with a natural look (consider white, light-colored wood and bamboo for a zen-like feel); beach house vibes (consider white furniture, light-blue hues and wood-colored décor); gold accents maybe if what you want is a luxurious feel (consider rose gold for an even plusher feel); maintain a ‘50s style with black and white tiles (spiced with modern appliances); or for a universal style that never fails anywhere, choose to keep it simple, stocking your bathroom with just the must-haves.

Interior Home Design Trends

We have all seen those breathtaking homes with an interior design that looks like it’s been ripped right off the pages of a magazine.

Fortunately, it’s not out of rich even for the ordinary Joe if they opt to go for one of the many meticulous styles available today.

For instance, you could go with exposed brick, a popular trend in 2016, if you wish to give your home a rugged feel. Alternatively, a neutral color palette across your entire home can provide a clean, lavish vibe. And when it comes to decoration, get personal to ensure your home is a reflection of you (unless, of course, you plan on selling).

Backyard Home Design Trends

The thought of upgrading the backyard is one that never crosses the mind of most homeowners, but you will be glad you did come summer if you start preparing now.

Low maintenance backyards were all the rage in 2016, hence the reason succulents and artificial turf were so popular when it came to outdoor greenery. Comfortable seating areas and festive lights also made headlines, thanks to their aesthetic appeal and affordability.

While the holidays don’t last a month, you can still employ festive lights over your bushes, trees or pergola to enjoy your backyard after the sun goes down. Succulent plants in the backyard too will never lose their appeal and they come with the added bonus of requiring very little work.

Quality outdoor furniture can also add a new living area to your home to enjoy across the year. Something else that can modernize the backyard is a dark grey slate accentuated by a nice wall and/or firepit.

Following these 2017 home design trends will ensure your home stays trendy in the new year.