House repairs for home on sale

So you’ve decided to sell your house – congratulations!

When you stay in one place for too long, its looks get embedded in your mind to an extent that it’s easy to miss the wear and tear, however apparent. Like that jeans you love too much and have sported for –what is it – a few years now? You only realize it really was in a rundown state once you get a pair that closely resembles it, because it’s hard to come across a twin replica of the same.

Well, you get the picture.

Now, when it comes to your home, the state of affairs becomes much clearer when you start thinking about selling it. There are things and places that need fixing and cleaning up which you can’t afford to leave as is because they will stand out to potential buyers as the morning sun.

Problem is though, there is only so much money (and time) to do the repairs. But all things considered, what are the repairs you need to give more priority to before selling your home?

Below, we take a look!

#1 Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint makes your home look just that – fresh.

In fact, this is one of the fastest and most cost-friendly ways to give your home an instant makeover. Rather than repaint the whole house, you could choose the rooms that need it the most, particularly those with dirty or chipped paint, or dark colors.

Opt for neutral and lighter colors as they tend to appeal to a wider majority, never mind giving the rooms that spruced-up effect.

If wallpaper is your kind of thing, remember the fact that it may not be to everyone’s liking. So yes, please go ahead and peel the whole lot of it. There is no point in assuming, as sometimes, this could be the difference between making a sale or not, or the overall amount you manage to coax out of the buyer.

#2 Kitchen Fixes

Most times, you find that the kitchen sways the buyer’s decision a huge deal – this (and the bath) determines if the buyer likes the house or not.

That in mind, you don’t need to be told the amount of work that needs to go into making your kitchen more appealing to a potential buyer. Of course, full kitchen remodels cost the proverbial arm and a leg, but you don’t necessarily have to embark on one.

On top of a fresh coat of paint, make some simple fixes including replacing any broken and outdated fixtures. If the cabinets look like they could do with some painting, sealing or refinishing, by all means, do it.

If your budget purse is a tiny bit swelled up, consider replacing the countertops to probably marble or granite which automatically change the look of the kitchen – assuming there are none already.

And always ensure the kitchen is spick and span before showing your home.

#3 Freshen up the Bathrooms

The other room that can be the deal maker, or breaker. And it’s the little things that matter: caulking the tub, re-grouting the tiles, swapping out tired mirrors and old light fixtures, you know…

Anything with a stain on it should be replaced, as should the shower curtains and towels. If there is any laminate left over from the kitchen job, it can be used to update the bathroom vanity.

And if you’ve got a bigger budget, a nice, new, sparkling toilet that is quiet and more water-efficient can no doubt add to the sheen.

#4 Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a buyer magnet. If you have them in place, good for you! All it needs is to polish or refinish them to give them that brand new look.

Installing them afresh can gulp a significant chunk of money at once, so if they are not there, other floors (e.g. tiled) can still ‘do the job’. Just make sure they look new and spotless.

#5 Fill in the Cracks and Nail Holes

It may sound obvious, but ensure these are in good order. No buyer wants to enter a home and find cracks in some rooms and nail holes in the others. You wouldn’t too.

So, before that paint job, it would be a good idea to sand and spackle those cracks and holes.

#6 Adequate Lighting

Good lighting throughout the home gives it a great look, no doubt. And by this we don’t mean having all bulbs and light tubes in place – of course you have those.

Take advantage of the plethora of lighting options available in the market today. In addition to making the house look modern and elegant, they help in maximizing the perception of space.

If there are any dated fixtures, replace them, as the switches.

Another area to probably pay attention to with regard to lighting is the natural lighting itself: light-colored curtains that let sunlight stream in can be used in place of the heavy drapes.

#7 Tidy the Exterior

And, of course, don’t forget the exterior – the first point of interaction the potential buyer has with your home.

Things to pay attention to include: missing fence boards, broken siding, refinishing the porch and patio, as well as the landscaping and so on.

The thing to remember when remodeling a house for sale is that first impressions matter. They sure do go a long way, make no mistake about it.