Home remodeling. No one disputes the importance of carrying out renovations, and whether or not you are looking to sell your house, it’s definitely something that comes in the mind of every homeowner at some point.

The thing is though, too much importance has been rendered on home remodeling prior to reselling that many homeowners tend to go over the bridge when making repairs to boost the value of their property.

But did you know some renovations are best left undone?

That’s right, they are just a money drain and do little to provide a substantial return on investment when you do get around to selling the house.

Below, we share some areas of your home that could do with little or no remodeling at all.

Swimming Pool

They may be more common that they were a couple of years ago, but let’s face it, a swimming pool buy CBD products still viewed as an embellishment to a home by most people. A luxury. However much it may appeal to you, bear in mind that some buyers consider it a hazard, particularly those with young children.

Plus, there is also the small issue of added work and maintenance cost which some may not consider worth it considering they may not be around much often to justify the out-of-pocket expenses and added chores.


Another home improvement project that may only appeal to a particular group of buyers. The thing with sunrooms is that they add little resale value to justify the expenses incurred on them.

Unless, of course, you live on the beach or in the South where most homes boast a sunroom and having one may actually help you stay competitive.

Otherwise, a project you can afford to overlook.

Wall-to-wall Carpeting

Gone are the days when wall-to-wall carpeting used to be the in-thing. Today, unless you are doing it for your own reasons, it’s generally an investment that won’t pay for itself.

People have grown conscious of the chemicals used to process carpeting, and the allergens it may harbor. If you have a substantial budget, hardwood flooring is a great upgrade that can add value to your home. Contact the carpenters dublin for the best service !

Costly Landscaping

No one denies the benefits of good landscaping. It improves your quality of life, and more so during the hotter months. Moreover, it absolutely spruces up your property’s look and appeals to potential buyers.

Problem is, transforming your backyard into a lush paradise with a well-manicured lawn and well-laced shrubbery may be good for you and appeal to buyers, but it is more of a costly project that won’t recoup your money.

The secret is to make subtle changes that really transform your home without going over the top with respect to the costs.

Backup Generators

It’s never a bad idea to have a generator to provide some backup. But often it tends to provoke negative thoughts about whether your home loses power often. Not a good thing.

If that’s indeed the case, then a reasonably-priced generator would do the job. The problem with installing the heavy-duty kind is that they come at a cost that makes recovery at resale time pretty meager.

Every property, neighborhood, community and city has its own unique characteristics that may vindicate one type of reno over another. Prior to undertaking any remodeling project, it’s best to consult with a local real estate agent.